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// article by SoyBomb

In this edition of Random.access Retrospectives, we'll be diving straight into the beloved Kingdom of Daventry as we examine the many games of the classic adventuring series known as King's Quest. Since the early 1980s, PC gamers have been treated to an immense set of adventures chronicling the many wild events in the lives of the Royal Family of Daventry. The tales of King Graham, Queen Valanice, and their children, Rosella and Alexander, have been told in great detail, and we have had the privilege to watch (and assist frequently) as both the most noble and most bizarre of incidents unfold before them. Although the original developer, Sierra, has ended the series, and its key designer, Roberta Williams, has departed the computer gaming scene, the never-ending stories continue through strong fan efforts and the work of several independent gaming developers. This retrospective shall reveal all.

Part I: The Quest Begins...
Part II: A New Era of Adventuring
Part III: Oddities of Daventry
Part IV: Loyal Subjects Rejoice!
Part V: Let The Rejoicing Continue!
Part VI: Future Generations

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