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I began as a staff writer at GameCola, writing a monthly column called Gamera Obscura, which featured both myself and a cantankerous angry being known only as the Ominous Voice as we heartily discussed obscure video games. The column ran from from January 2010 to September 2012, at which time GameCola's focus shifted entirely to "gaming outside the mainstream" and the column was no longer deemed necessary. In October 2012, the Ominous Voice has flown solo with his own bitter takes on the worst video game clichés in a new monthly column entitled "That's So Cliché". Nothing can escape his harsh criticism! Past "That's So Cliché" articles will be archived here for your reading pleasure, just in case you missed them the first time around.

Oh, that Ominous Voice. He's so feisty. Sometimes the things he says may not be suitable for all audiences. Try to take what he says in stride, but reader discretion may still be advised.

Exodus Edition
Floating Edition
Blizzard Edition
Smacked Edition
Revival Edition
Chatterly Edition
Howditgetthar? Edition
Mini Edition
Rouge Edition
Grabbery Edition
Party Edition (Part 2)
Party Edition (Part 1)
Unlockable Edition
Chamberpot Edition
Life Edition

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