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RELEASE DATE (NA): 1992 GENRE: Platformer
// review by SoyBomb

Escape to Wackyland... oh wait, that's not in this game.

Tiny Toon Adventures. This cartoon is the product of writers on drugs. Need I remind you of the trenchcoat-toting walking eyeball who aimlessly wanders throughout Wackyland? That's right... and I'll bet you're also thinking about the Gogo Dogo right now as well! So you know just how totally FREAK-AY that series is. (Heck, just the fact that the animals talk is unusual enough.)

But the fact remains that this cartoon was very popular in the early 1990s. I remember watching it every weekday morning before school what I was but a young pupnik! And I turned out okay ~~ URGE TO KILL RISING... RISING... SUPPRESS! SUPPRESS! Er...anyway, the fine folks at Konami o'er in Japan developed a whole slew of video games based on this series (which may or may not have been popular in Japan at the time) and the diminuitive characters found within. Some games were better than others though (Tiny Toon Wacky Sports, anyone?). So... does this one rank among the best or does it belong in a pile of cinders, sharing dump space with the undesired copies of 'E.T.' for Atari 2600, 'Home Alone 2' for NES, and 'Bubsy 3D' for PlayStation?

Well, in this particular monochrome adventure, the pink powder puff of annoying joy, Babs Bunny, is trying to become a star (no kidding); in fact, between levels, she even doles out acting advice! *writes it down for later* Unfortunately, it's not too safe for a carefree rabbit like Babs to travel to Hollywood on her own (there are too many creepy hunters and hobos out thar!), so it's up to Buster, Plucky and Hamton... oh, geez, I know all their names off by heart... Go ahead. Call me Pathetic Man. Er...anyway, the other dudes have to follow her to make sure she's okay and doesn't get squashed by flying anvils. So you're going to be a hero, and a stalker as well. Along the way, other friends will help you follow your desired path by clearing obstacles for you. For example, Dizzy Devil will go into his tornado mode and drill through solid rock to get you farther along in your quest. Of course, you have to feed him first, but that's easy enough.

The fire doesn't seem to like Buster, but our rabbit hero is still smiles for miles.

The game is pretty damn short -- it is composed of only FOUR levels. Konami tried to compensate by making your character's walking speed rather sluggish though. Also, you get a choice of three characters to control, but there's no real advantage to using any of them. They don't have special abilities. In fact, there's no need to use either Plucky or Hamton if you don't want. But the variety is there, if you desire it. The controls themselves are VERY simple though (keeping in mind that it IS an old Game Boy title) but indeed as responsive as you'd expect from a high-class developer such as Konami. You just walk, jump, and toss veggies at foes. That's pretty much the extent of things. Ah, but you must collect such ammunition! Great. Vegetables are hidden in treasure blocks which are scattered somewhat densely throughout the levels. Oh! This reminds me of another point of order: you have to jump ON the treasure blocks to get at the sweet innards. Dammit, Konami, I already have the Super Mario Complex -- stop confusing simple folk like me! There are also many opportunities to earn extra lives and veggies through mini-games, such as racing against some of the lesser known Tiny Toon characters (Bookworm, Sweetie, and... uh... that little version of the Road Runner) or bopping Montana Max heads in... Whack-A-Max? Yes, let's call it that. They're pretty fun, but that racing game in particular is quite the button masher and your thumbs will hurt afterwards. Consult a physician for special gaming gloves to prevent human digit overheating.

The graphics serve their purpose. although the characters themselves are adequately cartoony (and just a little loony), the environs within which you travel are less than thrilling. In fact, they are rather flat and bland, lacking any sort of true connection with the frolicsome nature of Tiny Toon Adventures! It's too bad... On the other hand, the music in this game is pretty darn lively and fits the mood of each type of scenery while evoking the inner cartoon character in the player as he or she gets down and funky in their search for Babs Bunny.

Overall, this game is a fairly decent if not short little platformer. Nothing is so innovative that it will make you giddy with excitement. In fact, this game might even be a little dull to those who are not fans of the Tiny Toons series. Still, if you want to play a classic-style platformer, this is likely one you haven't put your mitts on. Try it out; it might just ease your craving.

It's Tiny Toon Adventures! Come and join the fun .... and now this review's done!

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