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CONSOLE: PC DEVELOPER: id Softward PUBLISHER: Bethesda Softworks
RELEASE DATE (NA): April 6, 2017 GENRE: First-Person Shooter
// review by Meow

Queen - "We Are The Champions (Demo)"

Quake: a series I have practically no experience with. Regardless, I was given a private Closed Beta key for the game and sorta set it to the side to review when I got to it. Forgot I had it, E3 rolls around and they start talking about the Beta going a little more public, and then I said "Ah crud..." and hurried to try the game out.

For those unfamiliar with Quake, it's an online First-Person Shooter Battle Arena sort of game. You have a variety of weapons, a handful of characters, and fanboys who will kick your rear (or shoot it). This entry takes a more free-to-play approach, giving you only some characters to play with and you have to use in-game money to rent the characters for a while (though I assume you can buy characters permanently with cash). Getting new items to accessorize your beloved characters also costs cash but not the same cash as renting characters. For some reason, this game has three sets of cash. One is to be used for lowest-tier item chests for accessories and skins (along with renting characters) and is obtained by completing daily challenges, one is to be used to purchase certain accessories for characters so you don't have to wait for a chest to give you them that is obtained by selling accessories you already own, and finally the premium cash, which is obtained by purchasing credits. Premium cash is used for higher-tier item chests for the real loot. I'm not sure if it can be used for buying characters because, during beta, all characters are unlocked for infinite use. Whether or not this will remain upon release is not known by me.

I'm the prettiest gal in the village.

Finally getting to the gameplay, there are a wide variety of weapons to choose from for varying situations and playstyles, such as a classic machine gun, much beloved shotgun, and the newcomer Tri-Bolt which is...a special weapon. While I was playing, people didn't quite understand how to use it yet, which made me determined to learn it myself. And here's my determination: the Tri-Bolt fires off three exploding arcing arrows in a slow-burst. It is absolutely worthless in open areas due to the explosions not reaching far, and a single shot doesn't do much damage, so it's best to stick to something else. In a tighter area, the Tri-Bolt is absolutely fatal. Your opponent can't easily dodge the shots, and you're likely to kill them on one or two bursts if you're good enough. And if you keep playing, you will get good enough. This is very much a game that you have to learn, as you will be wrecked by people who know areas and weapons and mechanics easily. But, after you've played a few deathmatches, you'll start seeing them frags roll in. A bit of a confidence boost, really.

Speaking of Deathmatches, there are actually a few other game modes available. But I never managed to get a game of them going, so I have nothing to say about them anyway. Everyone wanted to play Deathmatch, what can I say? I'll tell you what I can say: the servers aren't very stable right now. I'm hopeful that they will improve when the game goes publicly live, but at this moment you have a good chance of being disconnected from the game server, and the game will refuse to reconnect until you restart the game. This caused much irk as my precious booty for my playing was ripped away from me cruelly. But there is a glimmer of hope: as long as the game match is still on, you CAN reconnect and jump back into the action. This seems to happen to people roughly once per match, so if it happens early in, you have a safe bet of finishing the match well.

This game feels very much like a free-to-play, and is good fun, but I'm not sure if it'll be a free-to-play. It could go the Evolve route and sell you a $60+ pay-to-win game, only to fail miserably after release and fade to the tides of time and mockery, or it could be a good way for people to have a good death-match sort of game with no real cost to their wallet if they so deem it. In any case, this is only available on Bethesda's Steam-wannabe, and I hate it. I hate having to install your stupid game hubs to play a singular game you're too stubborn to put on other platforms. Which is why I will probably never play this again unless it's put on Steam and I can transfer my account data. But that's just me.

P.S. As of a few days ago, it is now on Steam. How about that?

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