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LABEL: Xfer Records RELEASE DATE: April 28, 2008 GENRE: Tech House, Electro
// review by SoyBomb

Four men. One room. A terrible result.

There's one question on all of our minds: who is "WTF?"? Furthermore, is it grammatically correct to put a question mark after a name that ends in a question mark? Let me illuminate the situation. WTF? is a grouping of electronic artists who combined their efforts in 2008 to put out a few tracks before eventually disbanding, never to be heard from as a group again. WTF? consists of the famed music artist and DJ deadmau5, Steve Duda, DJ Aero, and Tommy Lee. Yes, THAT Tommy Lee. The Mötley Crüe Tommy Lee. The Pamela Anderson sex tape Tommy Lee. THAT guy. In a strange moment of happenstance, they melded their talents to form WTF?, possibly named after the reaction the other guys had when Tommy Lee wanted to join the project. WTF? only resulted in two releases, one of which is the Chicken EP (known via vinyl release as "You Can't Afford This Chicken").

Chicken starts out the two-track EP (if you can really call it an Extended Play) with some basic beats and a buzzy little bassline before dropping some monotone plucks in our face. But the true meat of the track is basically taking that simple pluck and playing around with it, increasing the pitch here and there, sharpening the synth, or just randomly throwing reverb at it. Creative? Only slightly. Catchy? Only slightly. Worth another listen? It probably won't get another spin from me because Chicken never goes anywhere, not even across the road.

When You Can't Afford This steps into place, a slightly more techy beat leads to some swift analog bass synth play. The group throw some weird samples and glitches into the build-up to keep us from napping. Aside from the constant plucking in the background (similar to in Chicken, only without an interesting rhythm), what I just mentioned is all you get. Literally, the track never builds up to anything notable or worthy of a listen. I still don't understand where the song's name came from.

Why did it take four people to produce this? Any talents that may have been hiding deep in the crevices of their mind have been wasted. I imagine deadmau5 could have done it alone. And it would be subpar, even if just one of these people created it. To bring four people together and only come up with this pair of impressively boring tunes is a travesty. Dang, Tommy Lee, put in some effort! Avoid this release like the plague. A plague headache could probably be just as funky, though.

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