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LABEL: Sheffield Tunes RELEASE DATE: May 29, 2015 GENRE: Dance, Electro House
// review by SoyBomb

It would even make Melissa McCarthy shuffle.

Anyone remember the movie "Spy" starring Melissa McCarthy? Anyone? *less than cricket chirps* That's what I thought. It apparently earned 235.7 million dollars at the box office, so there must have been SOME interest in it. And, as is to be expected, the film was released overseas, including in the coveted German market. And who better to provide a theme song for "Spy" than our old pals, the trio from Hamburg, Scooter?

Unfortunately, they went with "Radiate", a song they composed with Australian-Greek singer/songwriter Vassy that managed to give both myself and my vehicle instantaneous tinnitus with a chorus so shrill, it gave squirrels migraines a few blocks down the street. But this isn't the same version featured on their 2014 album, The Fifth Chapter. Although the first chunk of the song has been pulled directly from T5C (including Vassy's shrieks), they've added a brand new melody that's far more palpable than the industrial buzzes we've previously been exposed to on the album, as well as a couple of brand new verses from frontman H.P. Baxxter, mostly showing off how awesome he is compared to the rest of us. Typical current H.P. fanfare fluff, really. The second verse takes a bit more of a slower dubstep-style beat to it, just to change things up. It's a definite step in the right direction from the original. There's also an Extended Mix that doesn't add anything significant to what we've already heard.

As long as we're talking about it, this song got a remix courtesy of Jerome, which came in two flavours, both of which are house. The Jerome Edit is actually a bit slower and more chilled with dark pianos, before slipping into something more comfortable with jungle jabs and stabs as the main instrumental chorus. Later on, the song slides into some crazy hyperpitched pads that give this tune some extra flavour. Jerome's take on the song is actually rather novel, and I don't actually think this mix is pretty good — on par, and occasionally exceeding, the original with feeling. The full-on Jerome Remix is pretty much a slightly stretched version of the edit (or the original, actually), with about 40 extra seconds of material.

It's nice that each track here has improved over its source material. And, for once, it's the REMIX that impresses me more than the original Scooter track. "Radiate" will still ring shrill in my ears, but at least these new versions give the tune some extra seasoning so I can swallow it.

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