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LABEL: Sheffield Tunes RELEASE DATE: May 31, 2019 GENRE: Hardstyle, Hands Up
// review by SoyBomb

God save your money.

The German hard dance group Scooter just keep on truckin'. Since adding new member Sebastian Schilde (a.k.a. Bastian van Shield a.k.a. NACHO) earlier in 2019, they've been working to get more singles out in a short amount of time. After releasing Rave Teacher (Someone Like Me), their first single in over 2 years in April 2019, they returned in late May with a second one, this time a collaboration with dance act Harris & Ford (no, not Harrison Ford, although that would've also been interesting) with "God Save The Rave". Will God save this rave? Let's find out!

The first track is the only version of God Save The Rave we get, the Radio Edit. It starts out with a brand new fairly high-pitched (though not as high-pitched as older Scooter releases) chorus about not giving up, never coming down, etc. before switching to a faster, fairly hard instrumental pounder that is sure to raise a few jumping fists in their air. The vocals are okay, but they do feel generic, lacking any sign of an earworm. Unlike the previous single, this one pushes the bass louder, something sorely needed for a dance track like this. Being a Scooter single, we also have frontman H.P. Baxxter's signature shouts, and now more than ever do they feel wedged into an otherwise unrelated song. It's like when you have a full dinner table, but there's one more guest — you simply pull up an extra chair and wedge them in. The song would be just as good without his presence, showing that Scooter music is becoming less about H.P. and more about the music itself. What a shock! Plus, there's no bridge, no C-Part. Hmmm.

The other track in this package is none other than... wait, Rave Teacher? What the deuce?! Well, I already reviewed this one recently, so why talk about it twice?

I prefer Rave Teacher to God Save The Rave, to be honest. Rave Teacher is a little more catchy overall. As well, that single came with an Extended Mix, whereas this single...just includes the last single. They'll need to do more than this to impress me. Perhaps teaming up with Harris & Ford isn't the answer...

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