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LABEL: Club Tools RELEASE DATE: July 26, 1995 GENRE: Happy Hardcore
// review by SoyBomb

This is as happy as hardcore can be!

This is one of Scooter's singles from back in the day when they were known for their fresh, happy hardcore sound. Indeed, "Endless Summer" is an excellent representation of the early days of Scooter (with their original line-up of H.P., Rick, and Ferris). I will also admit that I do appreciate this single for what it is -- a rave tune meant to make people happy and "Move to the bassline! Jump jump jump!" It may sound a little corny nowadays, but it's still a great tune from Scooter.

This 3-track single starts out with the 5-minute, 13-second long Maxi-Version of "Endless Summer", which boasts all the classic sounds of a Scooter rave track -- a crazy old-school fast beat, a smooth acid bassline AND you even get to experience the original rise of the high-pitched voice! "Endless Summer...Endless Summer!" Yeah, that's pretty much all it says. H.P. has yet to incorporate his now trademark-style of absolutely nonsensical lyricism; thus, he's just giving upbeat shouts of joy on this track. Following the Maxi-Version is the Radio Edit, which is just a shortened version of the previous track, so there is very little difference worth mentioning.

The B-side, Across The Sky is a more calming track that still keeps the general feel of "Endless Summer" while taking a majestic synth-trip into the clouds. It isn't particularly exciting in any way, and feels like a standard instrumental track with no amazing highs or mind-clocking lows. In fact, for a long time, I often skipped over this track as I simply did not find it intriguing. For the sake of this review, I have listened to it again, and while it is not a truly "bad" song, it simply is a bit too bland to pique my interest.

However, this single as a whole is mainly focused on "Endless Summer", which is a solid party track. Although the B-side leaves something to be desired, I can still recommend this to anyone who enjoys the sound of mid-90's rave music.

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