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LABEL: Sheffield Tunes RELEASE DATE: June 5, 2020 GENRE: Hands Up
// review by SoyBomb

Nur die bassdrum bleibt.

Ahem... "As forces are vectors two equal forces means they have the same direction and same magnitude. If both of them are acting on an object the resultant force on the object is simply addition and has double the magnitude, F+F=2F, in the same direction obviously."

We have two forces. One is Scooter, the legendary dance music trio from Hamburg currently consisting of frontman and shoutmaster general H.P. Baxxter, alongside fellow producers Michael Simon and Sebastian "Nacho" Schilde, famous for such high-powered hits as "Ramp! (The Logical Song)", "Nessaja", and "How Much Is The Fish?" The other is FiNCH ASOZiAL, who is a relative newcomer to my scope of musical knowledge. He is a Frankfurt-born German rapper perhaps most notable for his very profound mullet and his musical interest in rapping over music pulled straight out of 90s rave culture. Scooter's got quite a history, and Finch is definitely up-and-coming. This year, they have come together to rock the bassdrum in their new collab single, "Bassdrum".

It's a song.

There's only one version available, the basic Radio Edit that doesn't even reach three minutes in length. (An Extended Mix is forthcoming, supposedly.) We start off with a phone call between H.P. and Finch; H.P.'s voice is transformed into a rhythmic "bass-bass-bass-drum-drum-drum-drum-drum" before we poof into full collaboration mode as they introduce themselves. The catchiest moment appears: the vocal chorus singing about "Tik Tok, Tik Tok, right around the clock", as if attempting to tap into the coveted TikTok universe that has encrusted upon the internet in the past few years. The thumping synthetic track with its ounds straight from the 1990s, coated with Finch's rapping spoken entirely in German. H.P. eventually has his say as well with his trademark random shouts about how much everyone loves him; he does one line in German, but everything else is English, so I know what he's talking about.

It's not a great song by any means, either in style or in substance, but as far as club bangers go, Bassdrum has potential. It's German rap-pop with a hint of hardstyle in the background, but it seems more of a vehicle for Finch than anything else, as he's more often front and center than Scooter. It has its catchy moments, but I can't say that it'll be stuck in my head for very long. Also unfortunate: they couldn't stretch this track out to three minutes. Considering EIGHT people worked on this song, they couldn't get three minutes worth of ideas? Something tells me music's going downhill if we can't pluck more inspiration from a crowd.

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