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DIRECTOR: Jack Arnold RELEASE DATE: March 5, 1954 RATING (US): G
CAST: Richard Carlson, Julie Adams, Richard Denning et al.
// review by Meow

Don't be a la-goon; check this out.

If I had a favorite type of horror, it would definitely be monster movies. Thankfully, the 1950s has a good supply of these type of films, with a notable one being Universal's Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Haven't I seen that fish-man in a few classic Zelda games?

After the discovery of a fossilized webbed hand, a small group of aquatic scientists are brought to the Amazon to seek out more of this creature for fame and academic progress. Upon arriving at their camp, they found that the two men that were to be taking care of things ahead of them were torn to pieces by an unknown creature. The whole crew prepares themselves in case it returns, and they go about their business searching for more fossil parts. As time goes on, we witness a fish-man of some sort stalking and occasionally killing members, causing them to abandon their fossil-seeking and take to hunting this creature instead. Eventually the creature proves too dangerous to take in, so the remaining survivors try to escape, only to find that they're trapped in the lagoon by the fish-man who knocked some trees down over the only exit.

Though this film didn't hold as much of a visual spectacle as some other monster films of the 50s, it still had an interesting plot with plenty of suspenseful moments to keep you hooked the whole way through. If the opportunity presents itself, you ought to give it a watch for some classic horror fun.

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