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Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (Part 1)
// videos by FlagrantWeeaboo

SADX #01 - Nostalgia Overload [Gameplay Commentary & Review]
Embrace the Sonic Adventure! 1998 in Japan something wonderful happened - Sonic Adventure was born. And together, we'll tread through this glitchy roller-coaster!

SADX #02 - The Adventure Continues!
Have some coffee on hand, so you can join in at home!

SADX #03 - Weak Walls, Buff Chests
Exploiting programming bugs and poor A.I. to bring you the definitive Sonic Adventure DX experience! It is back after a long hiatus - a series that died too soon, only two episodes in. Now it's back on, and burning bright. Plus a Facecam!

SADX #04 - Cute Couples Go To The Pleasure Castle
Cute couples get in for free. BUT NOBODY LEAVES.
After that, we go play in traffic.

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