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Let's Play Sonic Adventure 2 HD! (Part 8)
// videos by FlagrantWeeaboo

Welcome to Let's Play Sonic Adventure 2 HD! I'm so excited that this version of Sonic Adventure 2 is finally available! This is my first time playing Sonic Adventure 2 in about five years, but it's still just as good as when it came out.

#36 - Knuckles & Shadow's Upgrades
In this part, #36, I realize we're collecting stuff far too slowly. Ah, the joys of jump-cutting... Whoops, did I forget one of Shadow's upgrades? Hopefully my immense video editing abilities should seamlessly make it appear that I did not!

#37 - Eggman & Rouge's Upgrades
In this part, #37, we collect the remaining upgrades for Eggman and Rouge. Now can we take on Last Story, pretty please?

#38 - The Beginning of The End
In this part, #38, I make a meal of Cannon's Core, but I jump-cut in a way that makes it look like I'm actually capable of beating it without any hassle. In reality, I bumbled through it, constantly referred to a guide and still managed to get lost.

#39 - A Shadow Of Myself
In this part, #39, we defeat the Biolizard and witness how a hard boss battle can cause me to regress back to my childhood.

#40 - I Lived And I Learned
In this part, #40, we finally lay Sonic Adventure 2 to rest. Will we return? Maybe some day. If you'd like that, comment. With this final note, we destroy the Finalhazard, and SAAAAAAAVE THE WOOOOOOOOOORLD. And you know what, don't miss it for the world either. :D

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