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Let's Play Sonic Adventure 2 HD! (Part 6)
// videos by FlagrantWeeaboo

Welcome to Let's Play Sonic Adventure 2 HD! I'm so excited that this version of Sonic Adventure 2 is finally available! This is my first time playing Sonic Adventure 2 in about five years, but it's still just as good as when it came out.

#26 - Easiest Safecracking Ever

#27 / Part 1/2 - BLOWS UP!?
In this part, we go to the unexplored land. We're not scared of any obstacles. But Shadow, don't make me upset 'cause I don't want to hear you.

#27 / Part 2/2 - Plot Dump
This video is separated because like seriously, I can't monetize this. It's all just cut-scene.

#28 - Roads, Golems and Rails
In this part, BETTER AUDIO AND VIDEO QUALITY! We take on Route 280 and Sky Rail.

#29 - How To Spoil Your Game... Again
In this part, we take on the Egg Golem, then we tackle Mad Space, then we fight Knuckles.

#30 - Best Level Ever...Again
In this part, MY FAVOURITE LEVEL IN THE GAME. No, really. Best level design, best music, best gimmick, really long too.It's like Sega entered my dreams and made love to my mind. Too far?

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