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Let's Play Sonic Adventure 2 HD! (Part 5)
// videos by FlagrantWeeaboo

Welcome to Let's Play Sonic Adventure 2 HD! I'm so excited that this version of Sonic Adventure 2 is finally available! This is my first time playing Sonic Adventure 2 in about five years, but it's still just as good as when it came out.

#21 - Copy/Paste Level Design
In this part, Sand Ocean blows meaty chunks.

#22 - Got Ring?
In this part, we get radical or something I don't know I've just been up for 24 hours and I have a headache.

#23 - Egg Halves [Bad Language!]
In this part, I swear, a lot. Please keep this in mind. It's, y'know, what Egg Quarters does to me.

#24 - The Lost World, err, Colony
In this part, I don't remember this level.

#25 - Lay Thine Weapons To Bed
In this part, the weapons go to sleep in their bed. Goodnight, weapons.

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