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Puyo Sun
// videos by FlagrantWeeaboo

Part 1 - Draco Centauros
Puyo Sun. Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun, so to speak. Or rather so not to speak, because I barely say anything in this part, do I?

So why bother playing these games, FlagrantWeeaboo? It's boring to watch. Why aren't you making videos in Windows Live Movie Maker about the scariest video game enemies that takes no more than half an hour to produce but gets 15 million views?

Part 2a - Arle Nadja
Why Part 2"a"!? Well, I didn't want to upload a 400MB video.

Let's Play as Arle this time. She's a badass spunky magician. We play up to and defeat Zoh Daiamoh in this part.

Part 2b - Arle Nadja
Part 2b, we're still playing as Arle. Well, I'm playing, you're watching. We get up to Satan and beat him silly.

Part 3 - Schezo Wegey
Part 3, we're playing as the perverted Schezo Wegey. Well, if you've got the handsome looks like Schezo's then you're allowed to be a pervert. Well, I'm playing, you're watching. We complete Schezo's story in the one run this time, fairly shorter, I fail a lot less, though Arle gives me a run for my money (which is zero money because Puyo Sun is free).

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