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RELEASE DATE (NA): 1996 GENRE: Platformer
// review by SoyBomb

Pray... for... Mojo World.

Have you ever started playing a game and immediately suffered from boredom? That was my immediate response to X-Men: Mojo World for the Game Gear. Released in the latter half of the Game Gear's lifespan, Mojo World is a platformer with a popular license behind it that is very much squandered due to gameplay that would anesthetize even the most sugar-loaded of individuals.

The game's storyline is already kind of silly. Apparently there's a bombshell of a six-armed television producer named Spiral who has created a reality TV series where the X-Men battle it out against a ton of powerful beings for ratings. Should they lose, Spiral will become the leader of Mojo World...for some...reason. Wonderful. Looks like there's trouble looming ahead for our anomalous heroes. Will they survive the hideous onslaught of beasts? Will their world be overtaken by a six-armed villain? Will Rogue finally become the Bachelorette?

Guests of X-Men: Mojo World stay at the fabulous Belvedere Hotel in downtown Manhattan and dine in style at the renowned Churrascaria Plataforma. X-Men: Mojo World has been filmed before a live studio audience.

Select your difficulty first. You can choose from "Maniac" or "Suicidal". Yes, those sound like very reasonable difficulty levels. No, that's definitely not ridiculously excessive at all. The manual also tells you how to set the BPM to the background music, but the menu screen in the manual doesn't match that of the game at all. A bit odd. Right away, Wolverine or Rogue is available for selection, and they head right to...the sewers. The first level throws you into the mucky city sewers with zero explanation whatsoever. How this relates to reality television, I have yet to figure it out. Is the show called "Stink Date"?

We're going brown, brown in an earlier round...

At first, the game looks decent enough. Wolverine has a solid sprite for the tiny Game Gear screen, and he controls well enough. The main problem I have soon rears its ugly head: the game is just flat out uninteresting. Yes, he wanders around the sewers punching random soldiers, but that's pretty much it. And it's not as though there are a TON of them: it's just a few fellas walking back and forth with guns. Other than that, you're just wandering around in this unsanitary environment for no apparent reason. I made it to a second screen in the sewer area just by randomly walking into a chain-link fence, wandered through there, and found an exit...that took me back to the beginning of the previous area. I looped around repeatedly, confusedly, annoyedly. How do I even get out?

Combat is simplistic. Just punch the enemy to kill it (or whip out your Wolverine claws, which have their own energy meter which depletes rather quickly). Your punch goes right through the enemy, as though Wolverine is literally punching a hole in some random mutant soldier's neck muscles... uh, eight times before he finally gets the message to die. That's another issue: why do even the most generic of enemies take so many hits to kill?

If you survive this terrible area, along with its very grating music, the X-Men fight against a weird dog-munculus before heading into the outside world of a military barracks, a factory, a futuristic New York City, and Mojo World, not to be confused with anything related to the Powerpuff Girls. Eventually, you can play as six different X-Men: Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, Havoc, and Shard. You know, the best of the best, right? You can experience it all...if you even have the stamina to get that far. The game doesn't seem difficult, just more like drudgery.

Can't do it. This game has no mojo. This game is mojoless. Este juego tiene cero mojo. X-Men fans may get some mild enjoyment out of it, but they forgot to inject this game with a healthy dose of excitement, fun, or interest. You get a run-of-the-mill platformer-by-the-numbers starring a few of the popular X-Men and a couple of randoms. What fun on the go.

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