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RELEASE DATE (NA): April 30, 2000 GENRE: Action-Adventure
// review by FlagrantWeeaboo

I'd like it if Tron sent me to the torture room...

Obviously the world was clamouring for a new Mega Man Legends game, and who wouldn't be? It would be another year before gamers got what they wanted. Instead Capcom released a spin-off starring Tron Bonne, because why not?

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is another Gunbird 2 situation: I was a young idiot with money and an itching to buy video games, and so I bought a game whose box I found appealing. I did this with Klonoa 2 also, so Young Me could definitely tell a good game from a bad one. As a child, I remember mostly disliking this game, and regretting my purchase. Since this game has (especially in the PAL release) ended up becoming a rare and valuable game with a very limited print run, I must congratulate my younger self on his wise investments.

Having piled all of the money into developing and building the Gesellschaft, the Bonne family have failed to pay back their last loan. Now they're having to cough up what they owe or everything they have will be taken to pay it back, including the airship that they only just finished building. Teisel and Bon been kidnapped by Glyde, who works for the loan shark Lex Loath. Tron takes to the airship's wheel, and searches for various methods of getting rich quick, to make back the money Teisel failed to pay.

So instead of a straight-forward narrative, Misadventures is just as the name implies, a number of smaller scenarios that aren't really linked together.

Let's get it Tron.

The best portions of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne are the action missions, where Tron and Team attempt to rob the bank. The first time, they appear way off trajectory, realizing the bank is, in fact, an animal hospital. In a mad attempt to salvage what they can, Tron orders the servbots to raid the local houses. There is an easter egg where the camera pulls inside one of the buildings, showing you an 8-bit Mega Man sprite on the television.

These sections also include new character, Police Officer Denise, who is awesome. You almost feel sorry for her, and want her to succeed, but Tron is always one step ahead.

The other scenarios include first-person treasure hunting levels which are a bit of a drag and puzzle scenarios which are completely a drag. Each type of scenario leads into each other and tells their own separate story. The deeper you mine, the more you uncover the secrets buried underground. The more you rob stuff, the greater the police presence will be and the harder time you'll have.

The game's big kick to the privates is that after you get 1 million zenny, you're told you now owe 2 million zenny due to interest. Once you've gathered the 2 million, it is apparent that the only thing left is to free the Bonne family from captivity, take out Loath and Glyde, hand them off to Denise (in exchange for her pardon) and set off to Kattelox Island ready for the events of Mega Man Legends.

The presentation is exceptional, but the gameplay can really crawl in places. I'd take that into account, quick gratification does not come. This is back when Keiji Inafune's name meant something. For six bucks on PSN, you can be sure to lose a lot of hours to this.

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