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RELEASE DATE (NA): December 12, 2018 GENRE: Action/Battle Royale
// review by Meow

Release your inner animal.

A few months back, I became almost completely disinterested in video games, and it wasn't a pleasant time. I'd play something from time to time, but it was more out of habit than out of real interest. It wasn't until I randomly happened upon a stream that was playing Super Animal Royale that I actually cared to try a game out of genuine interest. After all, as established in a previous review, I'm a sucker for adorable things. And adorable this is.

Super Animal Royale is another game tossed into the growing pile of the current fad in the game industry: battle royales. Set in what is essentially a spoof of Jurassic World where instead of Dinosaurs, it's genetically engineered "SUPER ANIMALS!", there's actually a bit of lore you can glean as you explore the game's map for those who like digging into obscure game lore like that. The game is, in a way, a twin-stick shooter in controls (at least, using controller), so you're on a 2D plane and you can move about, aiming and shooting at your enemies. There are a small variety of guns, and a few throwable items to help defend yourself, as well as your melee weapon which can range from a buster rebellion sword to a giant banana. Granted, all melee weapons have the same power, so a battleaxe is as deadly as a literal stick. You also have a Super Dodge Roll maneuver that lets you move faster while performing it, and if you time your rolls correctly, you can chain them for an extra speed boost, making it handy to get away from any dangerous situation. Finally, for defense you have pieces of armor you can find laying around that will allow you to survive any hit, making them valuable so that a player with a shotgun can't just shred you without spending at least two shots, and you can repair armor by finding and using rolls of SUPER TAPE! The goal of the game is simply to defeat all other players. Or, if you're playing in 2-player Duos mode or 4-player Squads mode, defeat all other teams. Each match will have 64 players no matter what, though when the servers a are little more quiet, the missing slots are filled in with bot players.

The things I feel that make this game enjoyable are definitely the charming and simplistic art style and the easy-to-pick-up-and-play nature of the game. It's also fun to dress up your animals with pieces of decorative equipment you earn either through challenges or just random prizes in a match, in addition to unlocking new animals and skins for the animals you have.

Super Animal Royale is free to play, the only thing locked off in the free version is just cosmetics; and Super Animal Royale gets frequent updates adding new animals, skins, etc every few weeks. It's only 12.99 USD currently, and there's an extra tip of the hat DLC for some exclusive cosmetics like the most excellent Hellfire Skullcat skin if you feel zesty (and it's only available while the game is in early access). The developers are also very friendly and active in their discord server, and the community for the game is rather pleasant, so all in all, if you want to get into a battle royale without a toxic userbase, Super Animal Royale has you covered.

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