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CONSOLE: PlayStation 2 DEVELOPER: A2M PUBLISHER: Disney Interactive Studios
RELEASE DATE (NA): November 6, 2007 GENRE: Action/Adventure
// review by EscapeRouteBritish

About as legendary as shrimp meatloaf.

You can call this neither Super nor Legendary. Super Legends is yet another reasonable but uninteresting offering from A2M. As per the norm for this company, the game certainly isn't terrible, but it is hardly fascinating by any means.

Super Legends begins with a Power Ranger shattering the time crystal. That is, of course, the crystal that controls time. Don't you like it when the hero ruins everything right at the start? I don't recognize the ranger responsible for mucking up the space-time continuum, but let's remind everybody that first impressions are important.

The main villain of the game is Lord Zedd. Apparently, at some point after I stopped watching Power Rangers, Zedd not only turned into a good guy but into an actual guy, a human. Super Legends chooses to state that this isn't the same version of Lord Zedd. The manual does say that Zedd escaped Zordon's energy wave and reappeared in his evil form. We're supposed to take that on the chin? Don't treat me like some worn-out idiot.

The story is of ultimately no importance. You know how it's going to end. How come these Rangers have never discussed these events? Because it's time travel, there are so many things that don't have to be addressed. It is lazy writing. What is this, Zordon Who?

The game begins with a lengthy three-minute section comprised of bashing the square button to a bloody pulp with my sledgehammer thumb. So this is how the whole game pans out, isn't it? There are other moves, too, but I wasn't aware of them at all. Well, I knew they were there, but the wall of attacks listed in the manual is confusing. I'm actually happy to see such a fair amount of moves and combinations available from the get-go. You won't use them though; well, I didn't. Just attacking is effective enough. It doesn't matter anyway. Combat is slow and immediately repetitive, not to mention wearing.

Obnoxious hint messages barrage me with information. I already read the instruction manual, which I always attempt to skim through before starting any game. I mean, that's what it's there for... But in this case, none of the information pointed out actually appears in the manual. Couldn't they have put it in the manual? Why pause the game every three seconds to tell me?

A fast-paced downhill section managed to pique my interest enough to give the game more time to get better. I wish it hadn't thrown something cool at me. It just serves to put emphasis on the non-existent production values. The models are low on the poly count, and a quick cartoon filter has been applied to make the game look smoother. It looks horrible to me. The story sequences are poorly animated still images.

They've missed a trick by not having an invincibility jingle. It would have been excellent gallivanting around to the chosen ranger's TV theme. Actually, any music would be nice. You call this dirge "music"? It's hard to even see that your ranger is invincible, besides a dull semitransparent orange glow that's barely visible. A jingle would have helped.

All the power ups are uninteresting and vague, and hard to differentiate between. They don't even help in any way. Enemies don't appear to go down any faster no matter which power up you have grabbed.

Austin St. John wouldn't have wanted this as his legacy.

The music is stock, while the sound effects aren't interesting. All of the Rangers have different voice actors to their well-known actors in their corresponding series. The music is completely generic and doesn't come from any season of the show. It would have been better if at least one song could have been licensed for the game. Let's be realistic: would fighting enemies to the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme ever get old?

That would never get old.

The first Megazord battle is thoroughly underwhelming, saturated with pauses to rudely shove tutorial messages directly under my nose. Even more disappointing are Megazord battles in general, which are nothing more than onscreen button prompts. The final boss, which is also a Megazord battle, is anticlimactic and far too easy.

Fighting is simply knocking enemies down to the ground with a three hit combo. Once down on the ground, repeat the stomping move. The stomp move is the only attack that can hurt enemies on the floor. Trying to fight enemies with any other tactic just leaves you open to attacks. When a single enemy keeps knocking me down when I'm trying to get up, I get so angry that I just want to take the lead programmer by the scruff of the neck.

Combos are not fun to do. When enemies are knocked down, you can't hit them, and the combo timer runs out. How do you balls this up so badly? You can't even hit enemies by ducking and kicking when they're on the floor. Surely that should work!

After a boring, generic futuristic space level, the last thing on your wish list is another boring, generic futuristic space level. Unfortunately, Power Rangers: Super Legends insists on giving you another boring, generic futuristic space level straight after the previous boring, generic futuristic space level.

You like that, don't you? Let's give you two more later on. The stages even look like they were just copied and pasted.

One of the few saving graces of the game is its two-player drop-in, drop-out co-operative mode. The difficulty of the game is geared more towards two players than one. It's not a case of making the game easier by playing as a pair, it's more a case of making the game a fairer fight.

Unfortunately, after a few levels, you've experienced everything this game has to offer. Apart from a few interesting set pieces, like when you're battling Putty Patrollers on the Angel Grove freeway, there's little of substance anywhere in this game.

Why does it take so long to play as the original, cool Rangers? My favourite Power Ranger, the original Green (and White) ranger Tommy, is unlockable. However, this is only as he appeared in Power Rangers Zeo. I never even watched that! Was that before or after VR Troopers?

There are better games based around the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, and this isn't the worst by a long stretch. However, remember this: playing games is something we do for fun. For that reason, I cannot recommend this game.

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