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CONSOLE: iPhone/iPad DEVELOPER: Coke And Code PUBLISHER: Coke And Code
// review by Beverley

Yore up!

Legends of Yore is a top-down dungeon crawler that, similarly to 3D Dot Game Heroes, attempts to put a modern twist on vintage 8-bit graphics. Unlike many RPGs for the iPad/iPhone, this game spares us D-Pad misery and rather works on a series of screen taps to move and fight.

I enjoyed the colourful cast of characters and enemies in the simple game, collecting and reselling many prizes to gain more gold and advance, but I did have a few qualms. Firstly, unlike other RPGs, armor, weapons, and shields required me not only to pay for the items but to reach a specific level of experience before I could equip them. I was also prevented from using certain items because of my class. Normally I wouldn't be annoyed by one-third of my inventory being full of magic items I cannot use, but since there is only one hero in my party, I cannot use these items on any of my characters. I suppose selling the items off or disposing of items to clear my inventory solved the issue, but I still found it irritating. Besides, having different classes gives this game replay value since characters are assigned different quest on the basis of their class.

Frickin' expensive swords!

Despite the simple tapping interface, the menu was easy to use. It usually gave me the information I needed, and in times when I was lost, there was also an online forum that offered useful information. The soundtrack was a collection of simple chiptunes that managed to convey feeling without clutter. This gem reminded me of a witty Legend of Zelda.

Overall, Legends of Yore left me with the impression that the designer had kept this game skillfully simple -- graphics, music, interface, plot, and many other aspects were carefully pared down to minimalist elements and what remained was an enjoyable gaming experience.

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