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CONSOLE: PC DEVELOPER: Moonsprout Games S.A. PUBLISHER: Moonsprout Games S.A.
// review by Meow

Paper Bugio.

Out of nowhere, Bug Fables was brought to my attention with the trailer shown below, and I instantly knew I had to check the game out. Being that it comes out in September 2019, I don't quite have access to the game, but there IS a fully playable demo on the dev's website (which is linked in the video, as well as the end of this review).

The game is a turn-based RPG with sort of minigame type mechanics to keep the player more invested as well as doing bonus damage to enemies and reducing damage done to themselves. If you've played the classic Paper Mario games, you'll be well familiar. This game, though, has a different angle to it, having a party of 3 instead of 2 like those Nintendo games, and has some interesting twists. For instance, if you get the drop on an enemy in the overworld, your party leader will get a bonus turn. AND your other party members can give up their turn to let another party member go an extra time. However, there's a bit of a drawback in that the more turns a member has, the less effective their attacks are in a round. So, say, you have the Beetle in the lead, he does 3 damage with his first attack, but if you give up another member's turn to him, he will do 2 damage for attacking again. The best use of tossing your turns to other members is really more for tactical purposes such as a ranged character knocking down flying enemies or using power up skills to boost another party member. That said, the game is pretty simple and easy to pick up and play.

The art style is really nice and stylized. Very cute and charming, and the dialog is very amusing as well. The game does a good job of setting up this fictional world of an insect kingdom and a guild of adventurers that seek out treasure and to help the citizens in distress. The demo only goes up to the first boss in the game, but there is post-demo story content for your enjoyment, including various quests to keep you busy and even an optional boss fight! If you want to get your greasy mitts on the demo yourself, you can click here (, and if you want to keep an eye on the game, it's going to be on Steam, PS4, and even the Switch much to the delight of the poor Paper Mario fans who have been ignored for years. I know that I, for one, look forward to this game's release.

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