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RELEASE DATE (NA): May 20, 1994 GENRE: Beat-'em-up
// review by FlagrantWeeaboo

Linn Kuroswawa, reporting for duty!

The Xenomorph is one of the most terrifying creatures in horror movie history. H. R. Giger's extraterrestrial anxiety-inducing monsters, with their twisted bodies and hideous inner-mouths, have haunted us since the first time we laid eyes on them in the original Alien movies. They are not something you'd go up against with only your bare fists, but that won't stop Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa.

Capcom doesn't do subtle. Capcom does punches and explosions.

The arcade Alien vs. Predator couldn't be any less like the famous first-person shooter series, even if it tried. It's a side-scrolling beat-'em-up like Final Fight, but you swap out enemy gangs and newhalfs for Xenomorphs, Wayland Yutani Corp thugs, and the occasional Power Loader. You can defeat them all with your bare fists, even the Power Loaders. What are they made from exactly, cardboard and spit?

You have access to four characters: Linn Kurosawa, and three other trash characters who aren't Linn Kurosawa. One is a guy who looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and has a massive arm cannon, and the other two are nameless and uninteresting Predators. You fight your way from left to right, taking out enemies with your fists, your character's unique projectile weapon, and whatever guns or knives or grenades you can nick along the way.

Capcom doing what they did best back then: arcade goodness.

Each character has their own weapon — Linn has a handgun, and one of the Predators has a beam weapon, for example. Each one has a different amount of ammo, recharge or reload rate, and it makes each character feel individual rather than a re-skin of eachother. And you can use them infinitely; you just have to factor in the reload time. For mowing down enemies, Linn's handgun is especially useful granted you pick up an unlimited ammo powerup.

The game consists of left to right beatings, from a city overrun with Xenomorphs to a warehouse, an old factory with an Alien hive, a jungle overrun with Wayland Yutani Corp, and a second secret base swarming with the Xenomorph menace once more. The game ends with the Xenomorphs eradicated and the Predators giving the humans a moment of rest, but they will be back to hunt them at a later date.

What a wonderful way of saying thanks, you Predator assholes.

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