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// article by SoyBomb

In this edition of Random.access Retrospectives, we'll be taking a closer look at the history behind a character that hasn't quite received the popularity outside of Japan that he deserves. I'm talking about that crazy mystical ninja known as Goemon. Based upon a real historical Japanese ninja named Ishikawa Goemon, this fellow has traversed the inexplicable gap between noble thief and spiky-haired hero of Edo. Only a few notable games have crossed the ocean to the rest of us gaming peasants, which is a damn shame considering the high quality of some of the titles released. I said "some", because there are definitely a few stinkers among the crowd. Let's see just what Goemon's been up to in the past couple of decades, shall we?

Goemon: Origins of the Ninja
Goemon: Doin' the Nintendo '90s
Goemon: Play With Me
Goemon: Portable Ninja
Goemon: Portable Ninja 2
Goemon: Not Quite Right

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