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// article by SoyBomb

Most people who existed and gamed in the early 1990s know about "Super Mario World". It was the very first SNES game ever released in North America (well, okay, there were five total, but this is the one people will likely remember most), and it made a solid impact on the sales charts and on players in the new "16-bit" generation of gaming. Super Mario World was the first game to feature Yoshi, the lovable dinosaur that has come to signify a brand all his own. It was an undeniable success, ultimately selling over 20 million copies.

Meanwhile, in the depths of nobody-knows-whose basement, an experiment was about to conclude. A crazed programmer was busy developing a top secret product whose capabilities would sweep the nation like some sort of political broom. Combining elements of two separate video games with the strength of a plutonic awakening, the greatest creation ever known would soon be unveiled. It would, however, be too much for the mainstream market to handle; thus, it could only be contained within the dim depths of the underground circuit. That game would forever be known as Super Mario World 9.

Very few have ever laid eyes on a cartridge containing this proclaimed "masterpiece". We are lucky, however, to get a glimpse into the magical universe of Super Mario World 9. As we fire up this revolutionary work of art, we shall soon discover the absolute meaning of art in its natural state. The dawn of a glowing title screen shall surely enlighten us with the eternal knowledge of-- oh dear, it's just a hack of Adventure Island II.

Well, that was anti-climactic. I was hoping for better. Unfortunately, we get what we get. Adventure Island II was a platformer for the NES starring a short tubby fellow in palm fronds and a baseball cap known only as Master Higgins. It was typical for him to need to rescue an island maiden in distress, as was the case in this game. In Super Mario World 9, Master Higgins has been replaced with Mario. Well, actually, considering that his sprite shows green clothing, it could very well be Luigi. So should I now call it "Super Luigi World 9"?

Very little has changed overall, sadly. Aside from the main character's sprite changes, the game is more or less identical to Adventure Island II, its source material. The only other notable major change is the alteration of the axe sprite (Master Higgins' throwing weapon) to a fireball, the signature armament of choice for the Mario Bros. Still, it's not a total loss: Adventure Island II is when the series actually started its upward spiral of being less of a hellishly difficult trek and more like a fun video game. Just make a note that you CAN'T jump on enemies anymore; if you do, you will immediately lose a life, no questions asked.

Now grab your pineapple and check out these hip screenshots:

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