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// article by SoyBomb

I was originally going to look at both Super Contra 7 and Super Contra 8 as separate entities, but it appears that such an act is unnecessary. They're the same game. The only difference is the title screen: this one sports the words "SUPER CONTRA 8" in a cheesy thin font, as opposed to a classy or inviting logo. Super Contra 7 was released in 1996, while Super Contra 8 made it out three years later by the same company, the beloved E.S.C. Co. Ltd., who was also known for... uh... well, very little. It turns out E.S.C. Co. Ltd. is an alias of Fuzhou Waixing Computer Science & Technology Co.,LTD (or "Waixing" for short), known for very little that could be considered legal.

Anyway, Super Contra 8 is just a version of Super C for the NES featuring graphics and enemies from many other games, including Shatterhand, Shadow of the Beast, and Mighty Final Fight. The game is difficult as hell; things can get pretty hot and heavy when the bombardment of drones comes at you. They also fudged up the weaponry so now the best weapon from Super C is actually the least desirable. For a more detailed analysis, check out Super Contra 7.

Here are a couple of screenshots to ease the pain of a short article:

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