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// article by SoyBomb

There are two things that Final Fantasy Epic is NOT: Final Fantasy and epic. Thanks to the heroic efforts of one "Sliver X", what was once known only as Gauntlet has been completely reskinned to resemble an adventure based on the Japanese version of Final Fantasy III (the Famicom version, not the Final Fantasy III we've come to know and love on SNES).

Basically, Sliver X took Gauntlet and slathered on a set of new graphics for the environments, items, and enemies pulled from the Final Fantasy III sprite set. For larger graphics that weren't readily available, Sliver X drew them himself (and subsequently proclaimed them to be terrible). You get to play as the four different characters from Final Fantasy III (warrior, red mage, etc.), each with their own separate speeds, health spans, and weaponry, though I imagine these stats were simply carried over from the original Gauntlet.

Final Fantasy Epic has not altered any level layouts, so fans of Gauntlet will still have a familiar experience. One thing that may be a problem is this: in the original Gauntlet, sections of walls that could be broken were drawn to represent being breakable (with cracks, I believe); in Final Fantasy Epic, all walls look the same, so you won't know how to progress easily unless you recall the breakable spots from playing too much Gauntlet. All the while, your health is decreasing; this makes the game potentially more difficult than it should be.

The author has asked the world to keep in mind that this was a very early work (it was completed in 1998, long before the advent of the Internet or Oatmeal Creme Pies) and that much of the programming typical of hacks today were beyond his capabilities.

I am, regrettably, insufficient at Gauntlet, so I couldn't really get too far in Final Fantasy Epic. But what I did manage to survive through, it wasn't anything more than a reskin of Gauntlet. Here are a few screenshots to show that skin:

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