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// article by FlagrantWeeaboo

You would be forgiven for thinking Doki Doki Mario 64 has some kind of connection to Doki Doki Panic, the famous prototype of what we know today as Super Mario Bros 2. Instead, this modification of Super Mario 64 is based off Team Salvato's psychological horror dating sim Doki Doki Literature Club. In DDLC, you are thrust into a literature club with four attractive girls and try to flirt with them by writing poetry. There's far more to it than that, but to tell you would spoil the entire experience for you. That said, this Super Mario 64 mod takes some of the dark and uncomfortable themes from DDLC and throws in a handy helping of in-jokes and community memes, too.

DDSM64 has two main forms of play. One involves searching the school grounds for cute girls to flirt with; the other, collecting the Power Stars (needed to bribe your waifu) in a small crudely put-together town area. When searching for these Power Stars in "Quest For Love", they will appear in random spots, sometimes up on hills where you need to fly to them or use the infamous Hold-A-Mash-B technique to get up to them. In the town you'll also find a few NPCs which hold relevancy to a couple of the game's quests.

The school consists of two buildings and a school yard. All interiors are modelled and textured, and there are NPCs to talk to. The music is mostly taken from Doki Doki Literature Club, and sounds quite decent in the Super Mario 64 soundfont. As you're searching the school, you may bump into the boys of the school, who are either Bob-ombs or goombas. They will often have quite suggestive things to say.

The snowman has items for sale, which are supposed to cost three Power Stars each but due to an error only cost two. These items are all required at the end of each girl's love quest in order to marry them.

There are 12 students to flirt with and eventually marry, and they are:

Thwompette - She is found in the cafeteria space. Due to some previous hardships in her relationships, she's naturally quite apprehensive about falling in love again. At one point, Mario has to jump off the school roof to prove to her that he loves her. In another quest, Mario is tasked with finding her lost diary, which he uncharacteristically reads through.

Booella - The spooky occultist Booella lives in the janitor's closet, which she has turned into the 'Occult Club', though it's missing more club members. To prove his love for Booella, he has to commit cold blooded murder on the school rooftop and dig up the bones of the previous school principal. When neither of those are enough, Mario has to drink cynaide so that he may become a ghost and they can be wed.

Piranna - The jokester Piranna lives in a flower box outside of the school and loves to be the center of attention... to make up for the lack of attention she recieved from her father, who left her when she was young to go play romhacks. This questline involves finding her father and convincing him to come home. She also tells a fine selection of fairly witty Nintendo jokes.

Spindrianna - She is obsessed with exercise and living a healthy life. Her quests involve doing a certain amount of ground pounds. There's really not much to say, it's a pretty boring questline.

Chompelle - Chompelle finds Mario to look absolutely delicious, and her questline involves feeding her power stars. This isn't unique to her, but it seems her quest line focuses more on this than the others.

Scutie - Scutie is the president of the movie club, and her questline involves getting the lowdown on which girls the boys of the school are mostly into, and discovering her true identity - Nathaniel Bandy!?

Bombelle - The debate enthusiast Bombelle doesn't know the first thing about debating, resembling far more the radical folks you can't have a debate with because they claim oppression and victimhood until the opposing side backs down. If you ever find yourself chasing a girl like this in real life, you're an idiot. It's alright, and this is going to sound awful, but Mario helps her OD on painkillers, so everything turns out ideally in the end. >=]

Toadie - Toadie is obsessed with anime and runs the Anime Club. She speaks like she's a twelve year-old from 2002, complete with *blushes* and /me nonsense that was all the rage back in the mIRC days. Her marriage ceremony is by far the most entertaining, though I struggled to read the whole thing without feeling sick to the pit of my stomach. Because I have no shame, he's a few choice bits.

Bulliette - Bulliette's a delinquent who just wants to watch the world burn, well, if not the world then at the very least the teacher's desk. Convincing her to be your girl isn't easy, you'll have to challenge her big brother to a fight to prove your mean streak.

Skeete - Skeete is the only dateable boy, whose desires to become manly are really a reflection of his desire to be accepted. His quest line involves convincing him to embrace his real-self through kind words of encouragement and flirting.

Penguanna - Penguanna is a struggling YouTuber. Start getting her loads of views on her failing YouTube channel and show her the love she so desperately craves, then marriage will follow.

Ms. I - Ms.I is an eyeball atop the school. The more stars she gives you, the more the truth becomes clear to her. Mario isn't Mario, we're playing as Mario, and she falls in love with the player! It's crazy fourth-wall smashing nonsense.

As the player seduces and marries each girl, they disappear from the game world. Soon, Koopa Detectives turn up at the school trying to figure out why girls have stopped coming to school. Once Mario has dated all of the girls, we visit his home to find out the shocking though albeit highly predictable truth.

This hack was great fun to play through and despite the creator's message asking us not to play the hack at all, I'm glad I did anyway. It's a politically incorrect descent into madness and quite frankly a twisted bit of fun. For the official trailer and download link, look no further than here. You can also watch my livestream of this garbage.

More screenshots are curated below.

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