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// article by SoyBomb

Have you ever wanted to visit a museum, but you couldn't locate the energy to pull yourself off the couch, into your car, and to the front lobby of the local exhibition? Someone else had this very same thought. (Actually, everyone else has had this very same thought.) Now, you no longer need to waste all your travellin' fuel because art can now arrive right at your fingertips!

The great hacker known as "Megafield64" has taken The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle for NES and created the "Salvador Dali Edition" of the game. The stages are the same. The music is the same. The only major change is that all of the formerly Looney Tunes characters have been replaced with unusual hats with legs. Bugs Bunny, notably, is now a derby with gray dangly legs. In true hacker's fashion, the carrots Bugs once collected are now melting clocks, a symbol synonymous with some of Dali's more famous work, including "The Persistence of Memory" (1931). I'm sure the artist would be proud, sort of, had he not passed away the same year Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle was released...

Otherwise, it's the same game we've come to know and somewhat love. Beyond the slightly surrealist perspective of the change from rabbits, ducks, and multicoloured cats, there really isn't anything else of note here. At least it probably solves a few lingering copyright issues.

And now, a few screenshots, just for good measure:

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