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// article by SoyBomb

Among the most talked about unlicensed games out there for the NES is "Bubble Bath Babes". For those few of you that have not yet suckled at the legend, I'll give you a quick overview. In a time when Nintendo was particularly stringent about licensing issues, there were few developers and publishers who dared to ever defy the system. One of which was the American company, Panesian, who published three NES games that featured nudity: Hot Slots, Peek-A-Boo Poker, and Bubble Bath Babes.

Bubble Bath Babes (also known in Japan as "Soap Panic") was developed by C&E, which amusingly stands for Computer & Entertainment Inc., which pretty much means they make games. Surprisingly, it's a puzzle game (and a rather challenging one at that) of a rather small (or intimate, as some might say) playing field where you have to connect four of the same colour of bubble to make it disappear until you can free up a letter in the center of the field. Unfortunately, considering the small space to work with, and the relatively grandiose size of each bubble, it's tough not to reach the bottom of the screen and fail. And considering the game pieces come in bunches of four, that makes life all the more difficult because there's rarely an ideal place to stick something. You can rotate the coloured bubbles around a bit, but it's still a clunky system.

Once you complete a stage, however, you discover that all your hard efforts were worth it when seductive imagery of pornographic women pop up featuring dirty language. But even if you can't finish a single level, at least you get to ogle a naked woman rubbing her hindquarters rhythmically at the bottom of the screen as bubbles emanate from a mysterious source behind her. Are we still that childish that we find amusement in seeing gaseous bubbles release from a person's backside? Apparently, we are indeed.

In yet another odd twist of face, it was decided that nudity just wasn't required for a game of this high calibre and was removed. After some minor editing, Bubble Bath Babes was cleaned up and released by American Video Entertainment as "Mermaids of Atlantis". I haven't heard anyone scoping out that version for whatever reason...

So... how 'bout them thar screenshots? I know you've been patiently waiting.

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