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Rock The Dragon

// reviews by FlagrantWeeaboo

Dress Up Goku

It looks like Son Goku, the legendary Super Saiyan, has had a wardrobe malfunction. It's your job to get him all dressed up with a variety of outfits from throughout the history of the Dragon Ball universe.

He can don his own attire, along with the outfits of Piccolo, Trunks, Boo, Bardock, Freiza (spelled Freza - which has never been a correct spelling), Cell, Vegeta, Android 16 — and the transformations Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan 3, and Gogeta. Also, Naruto's outfit is thrown in for some reason.

To call this a game is a stretch, as this is no more involved than placing cut-out clothes over a drawing. The artwork isn't dreadful though; they're well traced. The items snap onto the Goku character neatly, with a "clunk" sound. Considering that the majority of clothing in the Dragon Ball Z series is weighted training gear, that kind of makes sense.

The only way to save your creation is to take a print-screen, and if you back out to the menu, the game resets. There is no music, no unlocks or secrets, and the true purpose of the game is unknown — are there really people out there who want to dress up Goku?

...Ugh, I stand corrected.

Should you play this?

You can play this game by clicking here.

Dragon Ball Z BATTLE

This is a two-player only Dragon Ball Z fighting game with a very limited playable roster. Player 1 is limited to only hero characters, while Player 2 can only pick villains. The game is controlled by pre-determined keyboard keys which cannot be changed — requiring both players to share a single keyboard. Pressing more than three keys at the same time may be read as a keyboard error, so on older computers this game may not even be playable.

The character graphics are taken from one of the Super Famicom Dragon Ball Z games, while the remaining graphics are hand-drawn (badly) in Flash. The music doesn't loop correctly, and it consists of these existing rock songs: "Dragula" by Rob Zombie, "Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm, "Undecided" by Silverchair, "Hitchin' A Ride" by Green Day and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. They are all badly chopped, sound very distorted, and don't fit Dragon Ball Z.

At one point, the match didn't end properly; Player 2 was left motionless while Player 1 still had control. However, there was no way to end the match — only further decrease the negative health of the Player 2.

Could someone tell me what this image in the background of the World Fighting Tournament stage is supposed to be?

I was curious as to whether the creator of this game, taalo, had improved over time. Nope, only the one submission to Newgrounds since the account was opened in 2004.

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You can play this game by clicking here.

Dragon Ball Kart

Now this looks promising. Nice artwork and a well-made character selection screen. Not sure Vegeta or Piccolo would be the kind to enjoy a spot of karting, though; to them, it would be a waste of time and energy.

Actually, forget what I said about it looking promising. It's bad.

All pretense of karting is thrown out the window as soon as I started actually playing the first race. What up until then had great presentation was soon revealed to be nothing but a poor "racing" platformer, as the same annoying guitar loop repeats constantly.

The game is played by holding Right to accelerate, holding Up to jump — and using Space for your special move and Enter to use an item. The items don't do anything and the special moves aren't very useful.

After four races, I had taken as much of it as I could. The computer-controlled characters spam special moves and seem to get all the good items. No thanks.

Should you play this?

You can play this game by clicking here.

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