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No Sparks, Please

// reviews by Lydia

NoNoSparks: Genesis

To those of us who enjoy a good nonogram puzzle game, have I got a treat for you! I was originally going to review another Flash game series, but ended up doing the NoNoSparks one instead. Why? Because the other games are rather finicky and I knew that these games actually worked well. That's why!

NoNoSparks: Genesis is the first game, and boy, does it not start out with the Big Bang. In this game, you play as "Dr. Dog" or "Dr. Viled" in creating a world using squares and X's. If you don't get the joke there, spell their names backwards. I'll wait .2 seconds for you to do that before moving on... MOVING ON. The game follows along the story of the Biblical creation of the world, so the game has you creating the world, literally, from the ground up.

To be honest, I really don't have anything bad to say about this little game other than the fact that there is no hint option. You don't exactly have to wing it and hope that you made the right choice. You always know if your squares are in the right place because the numbers will tell you. The numbers fade to a lighter color when the squares are in their proper place on the puzzle. Normally, I wouldn't complain (since I have a hard time with these puzzles sometimes), but it made the game a little easier. The game isn't really that difficult to begin with either.

One thing that I loved about this game was the art and the humor. Dr. Dog and Dr. Viled have a bit of a competition on who can make the best Adam and Eve. Dr. Viled won on both accounts by making a much less Neanderthal-like Eve and adding *ahem* eight extra inches onto Adam. The art is unique and I love it. It adds an incredible amount of charm to the game and makes me want to keep on playing just to see what kind of wacky additions there are.

The music is another bonus. Although rather repetitive, the music is jazzy and relaxing. After a while, I turned it off but I actually missed the little ticking and tacking of the sounds that the game makes when you place squares.

To break it all down, do I think you should play this game? If you like nonograms and unique art styles, it's a definite YES.

Should you play it?

You can play this game by clicking here.

NoNoSparks: The Ark

If you liked the first NoNoSparks games, you're sure to like the next game in the series, NoNoSparks: the Ark! But just the same amount, not much more. Why do I say that? Probably because nothing much changed between the two all.

Unfortunately, the game doesn't improve on anything at all. The game has the same music, the same animations, and the same amount of difficulty. However, it's still a good game in my opinion! The art is still amazing. The music may not have changed, but it hasn't gotten any worse!

In this game, you start building the Ark from the ground up...again, literally. Along the way, Dr Viled shows up once again to cause havoc in the form of various crazy critters...and Mrs. Noah! Apparently, Mrs. "Nonoah" isn't too keen on Noah's handicraft and upgrades the Ark herself. Once the rain starts, the Beardshakers developers put in one of their favorite things: dinosaurs! Yes, one lonely T-rex (sans laser eyes) floats in the water exclaiming "Don't leave without me!" And you'd better not leave without giving this game a chance! Although it's not much different than the first game, it's just as enjoyable to play.

You can play this game by clicking here.

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