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LABEL: Hellhouse Recordings RELEASE DATE: March 2008 GENRE: Techno, Hard Trance
// review by SoyBomb

Blechhy Blechhy.

If you're not acquainted at all with Japanese DJ Yoji a.k.a. Yoji Biomehanika, you might be in for a bit of a surprise. Sporting eccentrically-coloured and unique hairstyles 'til Tuesday, his look may be initially shocking. But behind the unusual mask lies a hard trance king, a phenomenon in his native country and an icon in the dance community. In 2007, he dropped the "Biomehanika" moniker and became known as simply "Yoji", leaning more in a different direction. Dare we say, he got a little "techy techy"...

His Original Mix takes us into solid techno territory, pummeling us with a grunty bassline as the words "Techy Techy" are occasionally scrawled into our minds. As the mystic siren slowly emerges, tripped and stuttery beats guide us through the complete tech journey. Problem is, that journey doesn't really go too far. Yes, the tune is indeed both "techy" AND "techy", but it doesn't build up to anything significant. The bassline IS the song, and it grows old more quickly than Yoji realizes. The Original Mix is good to listen to once... about halfway through, and then you never need to hear it again.

I was hoping maybe the Scott Attrill a.k.a. Vinylgroover Remix puts a little extra zest into the mix, but I really need to stop asking for small miracles. Considering what little he had to work with, I guess I can't be surprised. Using the same bassline (but with a jankier twist), Scott Attrill takes the track in a mildly housier direction with a far more epic and exciting buildup than Yoji ever did, but he builds up to...the same thing we were listening to before, that bassline and the wailing siren from the original. In other words, it's a very conservative remix at best, not aiming to go in a different or better direction.

I love Yoji's work, but this one was a bit of a disappointment. Coupled with a remix that doesn't do anything to make it worth existing, I can't recommend this one much, unless you need a reason to annoy your parents. Yoji's done so much better and more palpable work, and this is the antithesis of trying his best.

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