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LABEL: Ultra Records RELEASE DATE: June 11, 2012 GENRE: Electro House
// review by SoyBomb

Flexx those eardrums.

Wolfgang Gartner, an artist whose work I've wanted to discuss for quite some time now, but I never seemed to get around to it — probably because a new and half-hearted Scooter single begged for my attention at the time. But here we are, able to examine the work of an American DJ who grew a name for himself throughout the 2000s first with deep house before shuffling into a comfortable niche as an electro house producer. Reveling in minor chords and occasional off-key wafflings when the need arises, his melodies and productions sound just different enough to stand out among the brethren of his field, including fellow electronic musicians and occasional collaborators deadmau5 and Skrillex. And here, nestled among his many releases of the 2010s is "Flexx"...

Flexx comes in one flavour, the Original Mix, but that's all you need to get an earful of raw power. The Gart-man wastes no time in throwing hard beats your way, and a chomping bassline seals the deal. Housy piano chords sneak their way before everything drops and a double-edged fluctuant (and ever-so-slightly sinister) melody bursts its way in. It's far from his greatest earworm, but it entertains, and it complements well enough the coarse nature he's intending with his sound. Secured with a steady stream of bass jabs and wobbly synthetic squiggles, you can rest assured you'll be flexxing up a storm with those dancing feet.

Flexx is a powerful introduction into the world and the mind of Wolfgang Gartner. Granted, it's not his most well-known track, nor is it the man performing at his most potent, but this one definitely gives you a flavourful taste of what his music is all about.

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