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LABEL: Kontor Records RELEASE DATE: February 19, 2016 GENRE: Electro House, Trap
// review by FlagrantWeeaboo

Somewhat negatively affected.

Oh, I get it. It's a pun. Twoloud, kind of like "Too Loud". Let's just get into the song, before I get "Affected" by this pun. From what I can tell, this is what we would call "trap" music, or it might be "EDM", or it might be one of a billion other genres because nobody in the music industry can agree on a simple list of terms and names for things. It could be "Cheeky Cousin House Cloud 43ism" for all I know. I don't make these names up. It's not my call.

Affected is a "proper chill" song. Do I sound like I'm down with the young adults yet? It is driven by its vocals, which take up a considerable portion of the track. They're sung well, it's easy to work out what they say, but these lyrics certainly aren't anything new. Here we have a woman singing about how the touch of her man sends her into a euphoric state. I didn't come here for the vocals, I came here for the bumble bee who has been helplessly trapped inside of a detuned trumpet. The whole time I'm listening, I'm holding a glass and a piece of paper, looking for that lone insect who has got himself stuck inside the house and wants to get out.

To be completely 100% honest, I'm not sure if I know what Affected knows what it's going for. It starts with a wonderful House-style piano line and some sweeping synth, but the chorus sounds like something I would have made. Is there a future for the dulcet tones of The Only MaiZe Cromwell? Twoloud thinks so. There is a seemingly fashionable trend in the industry to make music that starts excellent and then turns into noise. I blame The Black Eyed Peas for Dirty Bit; it's their fault. Well, at least it is catchy. You just want to get up and have a little jiggle-jaggle around the room with the headphones on, scaring the pets.

Hopefully the video sheds some light on the song's theme. Well, if a silhouetted male hipster figure creepily watching stock VHS footage of a blonde woman projected on a wall is the song's intended message, then the message is perfectly portrayed by the video. Now they are in an auto-repair shop, and they're smoking. They look like two teenagers skiving off History class. Their teacher is going to be so upset with them. I don't get it, is this meant to be deep? Is it meant to be sexy? It just looks kind of awkward to me. Does a dude need that many tattoos? With a shirt that says "tattoos", you would expect him to have so many. It doesn't do anything for the song, I'd rather just listen to the song without the video.

The Loge21 remix (how do you pronounce that — Low-guh? Low-gee? Low-gah?) found on the single release alters the melody slightly, has a stronger synth build, and is generally better. It sounds like the original is the Work-In-Progress, and the Loge21 remix is the finished track. It does a few clever things with the vocal sample, like repeating it echoed, backwards and chopped up. The second longer build emphasizes the melody even more, ramps up the snare drum and... still goes back to being extremely minimal, but that build alone puts it on a higher level than the original.

I felt this was pretty weak as far as club music goes, too "by-the-numbers" and generic. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, and I'm sure it could spice up any good DJ set, but in terms of listening to for fun? No way, this is filler between two good songs, and for that purpose, it does okay. Stick the Loge21 mix in between two big hits, and the crowd will have time to go the the bar and get another drink. Background music at best. I might have given off the impression that I don't like music in this style, but I do. This is no "Lean On", and that's that.

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