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LABEL: Sheffield Tunes RELEASE DATE: December 6, 2019 GENRE: Hardstyle, Hard Dance
// review by SoyBomb

Turn them all on, you goof.

It's been over three years since we've had a new Scooter album, thanks in part to a shakeup in the long-winded band's lineup last year and possibly because spewing out single after single, instead of one long album, is the modern music marketing trick. In 2019, the Hamburg trio released Rave Teacher (Somebody Like Me), followed by the Harris & Ford collab God Save The Rave and the Halloween-themed Devil's Symphony. Before the year is up, we have one more tune to go by with the excitingly-titled "Which Light Switch Is Which?"...

...but all we get is the Radio Edit. The iconic high-pitched voice singing about staying forever young as a bit of faux guitar work plays in the background before H.P. Baxxter tells us to open our eyes. Okay. Then the main melody hits, which is pulled from "Strings of Infinity" by Topmodelz, which itself was pulled from another track called "Strings of Infinity" by T-Marc feat. Vincent from back in 1995. The verse (only one?) features more of H.P.'s signature MC-ing as some retro acid sounds blast behind him. The music overpowers the guy a bit, though — turn it down! The remainder of the track really focuses more on the high-pitched singing and melody, later on along with the same formulaic hardstyle kick near the end that they've been using for the past couple of tracks as well.

Just as an aside, Scooter songs are frequently known for having crowd cheers in the background, but they are very much absent here, and at certain points, it really drives home a slight feeling of emptiness. Perhaps Scooter is going for less of a crowd feel in its sixth chapter.

Overall, it's a great step up from the previous two singles, although the relative usefulness of frontman H.P. Baxxter is certainly under question here. Although he certainly has driven many of the band's biggest hits over the past quarter century, in 2019, he seems more pasted in and superfluous than ever, as if the songs weren't really designed to have him join in. Nonetheless, WLSIW stands as probably one of the catchiest and overall more enjoyable Scooter singles of the year.

He didn't answer the question, though: which light switch is which?

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