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LABEL: Club Tools RELEASE DATE: September 21, 1998 GENRE: Trance, Hard Dance
// review by SoyBomb

Getting a little full of yourselves?

What happens when you're not sure what song should be your next single? Put out two at the same time, that's what. Why bother deciding? So those three fellows from Hamburg collectively known as Scooter (at the time, H.P. Baxxter, Rick J. Jordan, and Axel Coon) popped out a double A-Side from their 1998 album, "No Time To Chill". And of course, this single does seem to answer the age-old question of whether or not Scooter is the greatest. Turns out they are, at least according to them.

Scooter starts out with an 80s breakdance groove in the radio edit of We Are The Greatest. Borrowing a chirpy little ditty from 1982's "Street Dance" by Break Machine, they combine some funky house beats with very vocoded vocals courtesy of frontman H.P., which may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they're still fairly epic. We'll ignore the part where H.P. shouts (in regular voice) that he wants to see everyone undress. This is actually a bit of an improvement over the album version; it was a bit more bland, lacking the additional melody, though maintaining the cool vocals and backing synths. I always thought this was the best track on the album. However, they're not done yet: there's still I Was Made For Lovin' You, a cover of that classic KISS song. H.P. sure doesn't look or sound like Gene Simmons, but he sure gives it his best try. Unlike Rebel Yell, this rock cover does, in fact, use electric guitars -- I believe H.P. actually can play a bit of guitar. But other than the occasional riff, it's mostly a standard dance track. However, with all elements combined, it's actually a pretty catchy tune, and I can understand why they might have considered this as a single. That being said, it's probably best they opted to have a double A-Side because this track's just not strong enough on its own.

There's also We Are The Greatest (Extended), which actually includes a build-up that's much closer to the album version, but also includes all the parts from the radio version. And, to conclude, there's the B-Side, Greatest Beats, which isn't a compilation of the greatest beats in the world, but instead just some of the instrumental parts from "We Are The Greatest". There's nothing unique about this (somewhat lazy, actually), although it is still amusing for a few minutes.

I really like "We Are The Greatest" and Scooter's cover version of "I Was Made For Lovin' You" isn't all bad (it's worth a listen and a laugh). Together, they make a fairly satisfying single that showcases two different sides of Scooter. Plus, if you're an avid KISS fan, there might be something for you here as well...

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