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LABEL: Digidance RELEASE DATE: May 8, 2006 GENRE: Hard House
// review by SoyBomb

Scooter's creativity also hits rock bottom.

Although Scooter released the dismal single Apache Rocks The Bottom in most of Europe (and the rest of the world), the Netherlands were slightly more fortunate. They received the album version of "Rock Bottom" without having to deal with the corniness of the mixing of elements of "Apache" by The Shadows, alongside its countless useless mixes all combined on one disc. However, the single is not without its flaws.

The Radio Mix is very similar to the album version, although shortened a bit for the purpose of being played over the radio and on TV via a music video featuring concert footage. Built around a sample from "Explode" by Jordan & Baker and also centered a bit around Scooter's now legendary "düp-düp" chanting, this one boasts some pretty standard bass and some crazy shouts from their main MC, H.P. Baxxter, but if you've heard "Explode" before, there really isn't going to be anything that stands out here. The irritating chants of H.P. repeatedly shouting, "Rotter Rotter Rotter Rotter" and a crowd following with "Dam Dam Dam Dam" should turn you off a bit, though. It's just awkward.

The Dutch failed to escape the horrors of the inclusion of Apache Rocks The Bottom (Radio Edit). If you've read my review of that single, you know that it's pretty cheesy. The mashup of two album tracks just didn't work out effectively, at least in my opinion. And Rock Bottom's Video Mix doesn't lighten things up either. Consider the Radio Mix, plus a dramatic introduction. I don't need to say anything more. Oh, wait. Yes, I do. They put that lame B-Side, Countdown on here, too. A minute of H.P. counting down to a timer, and then some fireworks sound effects. Is that what passed as a B-Side back then? I'm still ashamed of that, and I didn't even produce it myself!

The inhabitants of the Netherlands didn't respond all that warmly to this one, and rightly so. Scooter will need to try harder to win over their Dutch brethren. It's better than "Apache Rocks The Bottom", but only slightly. Only slightly...

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