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LABEL: Sheffield Tunes RELEASE DATE: December 6, 2004 GENRE: Hard Trance, Euro House Trance
// review by SoyBomb

Generally hardcore.

Falling down from the highs of the successes from 2003's The Stadium Techno Experience and the oddity that was Shake That!, Scooter needed a brand new single to keep their momentum going. They needed a hard dance track to keep the fans and the clubfolk alike pleased. They needed something that truly demonstrates the Scooter spirit. That's where "One (Always Hardcore)" came in. One of the most rockin' tracks of their career, this single represents the band in their prime, at least according to their fanbase and concert-goers, and it definitely shows: the melody is chanted incessantly...

Thankfully, the single deviates somewhat from the slightly more lackluster album version (and they cleaned up frontman H.P. Baxxter's singing vocals a bit so it sounds less like a Gravol attack). The Radio Edit comes first, as is natural. After a brief guitar intro strumming the chorus melody, H.P. strikes us with some crazy lyrics over a deep bassline and some straightforward pounding beats. The chorus is an adaptation of "Always Hardcore" by Neophyte, but it seems to sound natural within the Scooter universe. And the nice synth melody afterward is pretty good, too. This is "hardcore" stadium techno in full effect with a hands-in-the-air spirit about it that can't be beat! And if you want that feeling to last even longer, try out the Club Mix for twice the heart-pounding kicks, more weird sound effects, and far fewer H.P. shouts if you don't care for them. Or, if you just love the Radio Edit to death, the Extended version will certainly do you justice. And, just to add some delicious frosting to your raving cake, there's Circle Of Light, a unique little trance tune with a slightly mystic vibe using unusual pads that give off a strange aural aura! Worth a listen.

"One (Always Hardcore)" is now one of Scooter's signature songs, both in their general discography and during concerts. And there's a reason for this: it's a track of raw power and voracity, and that's exactly what Scooter should stand for! The party spirit should remain alive, and as long as songs like this are flowing out of the speakers, that spirit shall survive.

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