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LABEL: Club Tools RELEASE DATE: September 6, 1995 GENRE: Progressive Trance, Happy Hardcore
// review by SoyBomb

Endless remixes? Okay, only four.

Quite a long time ago -- many years ago, to be more precise -- I reviewed Scooter's 1995 happy hardcore single, "Endless Summer", and I thought it was a pretty nice raving time. As was the fashion at the time, a remix disc came to pass! So, without further ado, let's check out those remixes!

First out of the gate is Datura Remix. Scooter had previously remixed a track for them, and so this is basically payback. And it's odd payback indeed. Starting out with dark pads and a warped Ewok-style vocal sample and an H.P. sample ("Come follow me"), it's a strange way to commence a song that eventually sounds much more upbeat with organ synths, arpeggiated piano, and a soft but still powerful bassline. It's quite danceable and still captures the joyous spirit of the source material. Pretty decent, if not quite spectacular. Next up is the Microwave Prince Remix, straight from the mind of... uh... kitchen appliance royalty. It's rather lengthy at eight and a half minutes. After a solemn two-minute interlude of wind instrumentation and nature sounds, the melodic synth rears its head and the tortoise-speed progression of more and more elements (a beat, layered synths, the operatic chanting from the original song) over time before it all fades away. And then, once it's all over, you can sit back and relax. Oh, and wonder how a remix this far removed from the original can even be called a remix. It's an entirely new song. And while it was pretty entrancing, it has so little to do with Endless Summer that it doesn't belong here.

The Spanish Version is... well, exactly what it sounds like. For some reason, Scooter had a penchant for Spanish versions of their songs: there was also one on Hyper Hyper. It's basically the exact same song as the original, except with a Spanish MC. Wonderful if you speak the language; meaningless otherwise. And let's end with the Datura Instrumental Version, which is, as you might expect, the instrumental version of Datura's remix. Well, that's that.

As far as remixes go, it's actually a mixed bag. The Datura remix? Good. The Microwave Prince remix? Not so hot. And that Spanish... thing? Should help this puppy sell in Spain. But all in all, if it's available to you, you may just end up playing the first track and then skipping the rest. And that's definitely not worth your extra hard-earned dollars.

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