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LABEL: Club Tools RELEASE DATE: August 11, 1997 GENRE: Trance
// review by SoyBomb

Instead of fight, come on and reunite!

Another day, another Scooter single to review. This one comes from deep in history: the year 1997! The first chapter of the Scooter experience was quickly coming to a close, as one of their members (he who called himself Ferris Bueller) would leave the band the following year and be replaced with fresh blood (the majesty of Axel Coon). And based upon their 1997 album (which also bears the name "Age Of Love"), listeners could tell that Scooter was running a bit low on fresh ideas. To be honest, I consider "Age Of Love" to be their least interesting album out of their 11-album history thus far. Therefore, you may have already guessed where I'm going with this particular single.

Well, first off, check out that crazy cover. It's based on the video for this single, which is about fourteen times as cheesy. They have to defeat an evil green-haired temptress and save an angelic girl. Yeah. So they fly over to her (as H.P. wears his super-awesome fuzzy space coat) in their special space vessel which no one is actually piloting. But to get to her, they must first battle a horde of mechanical spiders... This is the type of corny video that you can't get away with nowadays or else it will be pointed at and taunted by the masses of the younger generation. But anyway, the song itself is... well, just think of a dance version of the Terminator theme. That's exactly what this is. (They didn't credit the original composer of the Terminator theme either! Whoa! Theft!) Paste some H.P. lyrics over top of it ("instead of fight, come on and reunite!") and you have yourself the single. Oh, don't forget to throw in some DJ scratches as a bridge. Yeah, that makes this song a LOT better.

The B-side is little more than a different combination of some elements that made up the radio edit of "The Age Of Love", minus the use of the Terminator theme, which is the prime element of the original song. Hmmm... this isn't exciting at all! They did include H.P.'s lyrics, but they seriously vocoded them, and it actually improves them. Also included here are a couple of weird female vocal samples, including a classic one of a girl saying "Wonderful human beings..." which I've heard in more than one production. Now, here's an interesting thing to note: for the Club Mix of "The Age Of Love", they use the vocoded version of the vocals instead of the original. That's intriguing. However, other than that bit of intrigue, it's just a lengthier version of the radio edit with exchanged vocals.

This single wasn't really anything worth shouting about. Frankly, it feels a bit subpar for a Scooter effort. The other single from the album, "Fire", was somewhat superior, especially since it combined the funk of dance music with the rockin' edge of an electric guitar. But "The Age Of Love" just didn't cut the mustard, and is a flaw in Scooter's historically upbeat record.

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