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LABEL: Coldharbour Recordings RELEASE DATE: November 9, 2015 GENRE: Progressive Trance
// review by SoyBomb

Wasn't that a brand of old radio?

Zenith, aside from being the inventing company behind wireless remote controls and also being the name of a politically apathetic baby in the now defunct newspaper comic strip "Cathy", is the second collaboration between Belgian trance artist M.I.K.E. Push and the Dutch duo Rank 1 (half of whom also co-produces pretty much anything from the Armin Van Buuren camp nowadays), following the massively popular hit "Juno". Will they be able to strike musical gold twice together, or will they just dig into a pile of manure? Let's find out...

Starting off the one and only Original Mix with solid beats and some lively trance pluck synths, we can already hear the M.I.K.E. influence. Once the bassline rolls in, things start to sound like a typical modern trancer. We're slowly led like a shepherd leads his flock into more euphoric territory than I've heard in the previous review I've posted of a M.I.K.E. Push release; Rank 1's magic touch definitely shines here. Zenith's main melody sneaks in rather stealthily, pushed by full anthemic synths, and although it's not complex, there's an air of comfort and joy within it. The melody actually sounds PRECISELY what happens when you combine these two artists together: one that doesn't require any magic tricks or heavy sounds, just pure harmonies producing an enjoyable sound. Clocking in at nine minutes, the hook rears its head twice, making the elation last twice as long, but it doesn't feel like it's overstaying its welcome.

Overall, Zenith is a pretty tune that showcases the talents of both artists in tandem. You can feel the fundamental presence of M.I.K.E. Push while equally sensing the trance-laden input of Rank 1. It genuinely feels like a worthwhile collaboration, whereas many others of electronic music often lean far more toward one artist's style over the other. All in all, Zenith is a decent track to add to a trance playlist and should keep your eardrums happy for a while.

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