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LABEL: Flashover Recordings RELEASE DATE: June 15, 2015 GENRE: Trance
// review by SoyBomb

He's back.

Back in the early 2000s, the Gouryella project proudly wore a crown as part of trance royalty. The Dutch duo of Ferry Corsten and Tiësto created some — not too many, but some — classics such as "Tenshi" and "Walhalla". Tiësto, presumably high on success as his solo production career was reaching new plateaus, left the project in 2002. Ferry carried Gouryella for one more release ("Ligaya", my personal favourite of the old bunch) before all lay dormant....

...until the sudden revival of the Gouryella name in 2015 by Ferry Corsten with "Anahera". Trance fans rejoiced, hugged each other, and wore funky facepaint and waved glowsticks together.

There's only an Extended Mix available for this track, but that's all we really need. Channeling the trance vibes of the late 90s but still feeling fresh, Anahera's build-up instantly reminds of Ferry's early dance tracks with its somewhat techy bassline before an all-new yet completely familiar melody sweeps its way in amidst angelic backing. We soon switch over to a powerful piano melody, the main hook, and all I can say is that it's breathtaking. Of course, piano wouldn't make for great trance, so the synth plucks take over to finish the job. The track sounds like a prodigious journey through time and space, and it's downright euphoric to the core. This is not only classic Gouryella, it's also classic Ferry Corsten, returning him to his production roots. Anahera was worth waiting 15 years for.

Anahera must've struck a chord with trance fans, as it easily shot up to become the top-selling trance track of 2015 on Beatport. For fans of the genre and of Ferry Corsten in general, this one will, without a doubt, please the senses. Here's hoping Gouryella keeps bringing the intoxicating trance spirit!

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