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LABEL: Flashover Records RELEASE DATE: October 24, 2014 GENRE: Trance
// review by SoyBomb

I go, you go, we all go for Pogo.

Though we haven't seen a fresh artist album from the man himself in a couple of years, Ferry Corsten has been steadily releasing new tunes on his record label, Flashover Recordings. That's right: he just keeps on hoppin'! ...wait, why did I mention hopping? What an odd thing to—ohhhh, I get it. We're talking about the track "Pogo". It all makes sense now.

With only the Original Mix in Ferry's initial package, we get a mere five-and-a-half minutes to enjoy the fruits of his labour. With Pogo, I believe Ferry was harkening back to his earlier days as an artist. Just the introduction alone with the sparkly space noises is reminiscent of anything from his debut album (as Ferry Corsten), "Right Of Way". Once the bassline kicks in, it's painfully clear that Ferry was also going for a revival of his deep sound from "Punk" in 2003. But instead, he throws a simple (and a tad cheesy, thanks to the instrument he uses) melody our way for a long while. It's a bit dry, to be honest. The most notable highlight of this song, however, isn't the music itself. Instead, I like to focus on the break that features a dark bubbling voice saying "Pogo, I go... pogo, I go, let's go...", which sounds eerily similar to that of Punk again. That part is really, really cool. Too bad it's way too short and underused. Otherwise, it's a fairly average song overall that is simply trying to capture the sound of yesteryear, which it actually does favourably.

Ferry Corsten's experimental electro days are probably behind him for the most part, but it seems he hasn't rid himself entirely of the vibes creeping within. It would be nice to see him put that electro potential to as good a use as he did a decade earlier, but this attempt seems hastily done. With a little more time and a little more love, he could spin gold. And bring back that evil voice! We need more of that!

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