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"Dark Fall EP" (2018)

Better start out the new year with a batch of new music, eh? (Okay, it's been almost four months since the beginning of the year — I'm a tad late.) Anyway, this set of tunes is a little more melancholy and a bit more experimental than previous releases, but I still think there's good in being a little different. The song Status Quo Vadis, in particular, is notable, as it was originally a song prepared in 2016 formerly called "Emotionless" that was pushed to the background for reasons unknown. It's been yanked out, dusted off, and remixed. The other two tracks are brand new creations. AND we have a remix of Plummet Central by none other than MaiZe Cromwell! Great package all around; do check it out!

Very special thanks go out to MaiZe Cromwell for the remix!

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