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"The Notorious Five" (2017)

Not being particularly pleased with how the SoyBomb music output had been in 2017, I opted to drop the gauntlet so hard, the pavement cracked and the core of the Earth cried out in pain. Throughout September 2017, I posted five songs to YouTube/SoundCloud, probably the most audio I have presented in a single month...ever. Their themes vary, their tones vary, and they all have their own unique personality. So here they are for you, downloadable through SoundCloud and also listenable through YouTube. Thanks for checking them out!

Very special thanks go out to Nakada$hi and Lydia for helping me out with a couple of these mad choons!

SoyBomb - "Strandhaus (Original Mix)"
SoyBomb - "Graffiti Justice (Original Mix)"
SoyBomb - "Mouse Channel (Original Mix)"
SoyBomb & Nakada$hi - "The Pound Sign (Original Mix)"
SoyBomb feat Lydia - "Breach The Galaxy (Original Mix)"

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