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"The Soy Sessions V: Tao" (2013)

"The Soy Sessions" series continues with the fifth edition. It took me a very long time to get this finished (although, by most industry standards, it is a speedy release). I was actually first working on a remix album of Brigham Bartol, a local indie artist and hardworking philosophical citizen at large. Unfortunately, I grew increasingly dissatisfied with the end results. So I ended up scrapping the entire project, though a few of those songs received some reworking and ended up here, alongside some entirely new material. I also tried to emulate popular music here, and again, I failed. As the saying goes, "Be true to thyself." In the end, these songs basically sound like DJ Soybomb, no more, no less. That's all I can do.

Just like on the previous album, Tao also features a remix of "Cold Glass", originally performed and composed by Brigham Bartol. If you want to check out the original song, be sure to check out his BandCamp page and possibly lay out some sweet cheddar for one of his hip releases. Thanks go out to Brigham for allowing me to completely annihilate his smooth vocals.

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