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"The Soy Sessions VI: Styrk" (2013)

"The Soy Sessions" series continues with the sixth edition. Contrary to the previous edition, this one was a very quick release. In fact, I've never had such a short gap between music releases (this one was only about two months' time). The title of this one comes from the Icelandic term for "strength", and for this mini-album, I went back a bit in terms of my own strengths. In earlier times, the focus was on the melody rather than the sound, and I feel like I've gone back and revisited those times with Soy Sessions VI. Of course, there are a few neat sounds here and there. Of particular note is "Robot Dance Party Anthem", which actually WAS an anthem for a robot-themed dance party we held a while back! Weird, huh? I hope you enjoy this mini-album and I also hope it gets at least one limb flailing to the beat!

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