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"Deca (10 Years Strong)" (2014)

Can you believe that I've actually been releasing music for 10 years? Admittedly, the first few years' offerings were... uh... let's just say it's weak material. Very weak. Like, don't really want to touch it with a ten foot pole weak. Through natural evolution, however, I've become a bit better over the years. "Deca (10 Years Strong)" is the culmination of that practice, and here I've compiled some of what I consider to be my best tracks from the past ten years, and just so you don't think I'm completely denouncing my early works, I've gone back and remixed five of them!

Plus, very special thanks go out to the one and only MaiZe Cromwell for being the first fellow to remix one of MY songs!

Of course, the main event is the brand new music on the first disc! I've been working on the shorter "Soy Sessions" mini-albums for the past four years, so it's a bit refreshing to put out a full-length album, just like old times. Twenty brand new songs are here to send your mind into both a funk frenzy and a divergent pensiveness. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my decade of hobbyist experience. Will there be more beyond this? Only time will tell...

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