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"The Soy Sessions IV: Autumnated" (2012)

"The Soy Sessions" series of musical releases is back with its fourth iteration. And because it's the fall season, why not give it a ridiculously corny title? "Autumnated" follows somewhat in the footsteps of its predecessor, "Blenderkraft", in delivering essentially a smooth blending of different styles in one continuous stream of sound with almost literally no stopping between songs for air. I basically just decided to go with my gut and compose whatever I felt like composing. (Is it possible to do otherwise?) I tried a few new things this time; some worked, some didn't. Such is life! I should say no more, and let the audio speak for itself.

Also featured on Autumnated is a remix of "All There Is", originally written and performed by the talented Brigham Bartol. If you want to check out the original song, be sure to check out his BandCamp page and possibly drop a few dollars on one of his full-length releases while you're there. Thanks go out to Brigham for allowing me to completely obliterate his source material.

Once again, I must let you know that the music doesn't always load in a continuous flow, but really, it oughta!

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