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GENRE: Anime ORIGINAL AIR DATES: April 7 - June 30, 2019
// review by FlagrantWeeaboo

Let's Go, Dangerous World!

Magmell of the Sea Blue (or "Ultramarine Magmell" according to Netflix) is an animated series from 2019 based on the Chinese manhua of the same name. (That's not a typo, the Chinese word for comics is "manhua" as opposed to the Japanese word "manga"). The first season Ultramarine Magmell is already available on Netflix, where it has received one of their predictably good English voice dubs.

The initial premise of Ultramarine Magmell is that suddenly a whole new continent appeared in the middle of the ocean, a mystical land dubbed "Magmell of the Sea Blue". It just sort of happened, 35 years before the story begins. One moment it was an ocean, the next moment it was there. Intrepid explorers and researchers made their way to this land, only to meet a bitter end to the continent's indigenous species of monsters and animals. So, it was decided that it would be necessary for explorers to carry a license if they desire to visit this new and foreign land. Those who hold a license may search Magmell at their own risk. A special team of rescue agents was formed to locate and rescue adventurers. These rescue specialists are called Anglers, of which our main character Inyo is a member.

The enigmatic Inyo and his cute assistant Zero are rescue agents for hire, and each episode has them taking on some form of job in order to make ends meet. Each task they do also unravels some of the deeper mysteries of Magmell and the unusual past that Inyo and Zero share. You come for the initial premise but stay for the excellent character building. Inyo and Zero are quite frankly awful people, and it's hilarious to watch them screw over the people they know for profit.

There is an unfortunate secret regarding Magmell. The continent amplifies the darkness in a person's heart and causes them to act upon the worst parts of their own personality — i.e. those who explore Magmell out of greed will become even greedier. Magmell causes people to do terrible things once it sinks its teeth into them. And there's a lot more going on than just psychological, too — there are flora and fauna on Magmell that can cure even the worst diseases and poisons, or even grant someone super strength or new powers. Creatures and objects from Magmell sell for a lot of money to rich collectors.

When you want to relax, look at cats.

Our main characters, Inyo and Zero, seem to possess superpowers from Magmell, called "Lact". Lact involves constructing matter out of thin air. Think alchemy from Fullmetal Alchemist without the law of equivalent exchange. So what exactly happened to our main characters before when this all takes place? You know, like why do they have these weird powers in the first place?

There is so much mystery surrounding this brand new continent and these amazing characters, I personally can't wait to learn more about it, I might even try the original manhua! With each episode, a little bit more of the weirdness of Magmell and the history behind our main characters is revealed, with the show especially hard to put down.

I'd like to point out that both the opening and ending songs of this season are excellent. Opening theme "Dash&Daaash" is performed by all-girl band Fudanjuku, who dress up as and pretend to be an all-boy band. Whatever does it for them, I guess. The song is incredibly catchy and fits Magmell very nicely. The ending theme, "The Key" by "a flood of circle" exemplifies the cruelty of Magmell and the dangers found within. The YouTube links I've provided are from official record label owned channels and should hopefully withstand the test of time.

Give Magmell a test of your time, if you're at all curious. This is a show that appeared out of nowhere much like the continent itself! I am nervously awaiting a second season that can pick up where this one ends, it's definitely a show that deserves one.

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